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The truth is everyone is created equally, spiritually. All of the lifeforms on Earth has some or the other desires or so-called wishlist. Yeah, even animals have their wishlist like wanting food, being in the company of people who take care of them or searching for a soul mate. You constantly have something going on in your mind 24/7 and you cannot stop it and that what you constantly think affects your state of emotions. If you have ever read the book called “The Secret” or watched its movie then you might have come across the term “Law of Attraction”. If you’re wondering what it is or how it works? it’s pretty simple actually as plain as the law of gravity but the twist here is that it applies to your life. The key secret is this “What you think is what you attract” as simple as that.

Imagine that there is someone there like a Genie to grant you all the wishes you have, all the desires you have. But the catch here is that Genie does not understand English very well and instead will make whatever you are feeling right now come true. Well that’s a big catch you feel a lot of things in your life daily and mostly the bad memories are the ones that haunt you the most. By that logic, you are screwed or are you? Try to remember the happiest moment in your life now ask yourself what were you feeling at that time or even a few hours before that. Were you feeling sad or were you happy? Let’s get into more detail about what I meant by that:-

Secret No. 1:

You are confirmation biased. Have you ever had that feeling like you want something so bad and you think about it all day and night and wherever you go you see that thing? When I was young I used to go to my village and meet my uncle and aunt but We always went to the same place every year and I really wanted to go to exotic places. I used to think about that almost all the time and see all the beautiful scenery on the pamphlets and advertisements on TV it seemed like all these are shown on TV to tease me. Eventually one day I get to go on Europe tour and visit all the fancy places just like on the ad. Maybe you want a Mercedes or dream home and when you go around for a walk you see a glimpse of your dream car/home. That means something good is going to come just hold on to that thought and work for it.

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You see that Mercedes was always there and by focusing on what you want your mind which generally ignores this stuff brings that Mercedes to light and suddenly you see that everywhere you go you see a Mercedes.

It means that if you believe that you can do it and become rich or get a promotion in your job. Your mind tries to bring in light the clues to get started and all this focus helps you achieve what you want in life. That in simple terms means that your mind tries to confirm whether that is what you want in life and then all your energy and effort goes to it.

Secret No. 2:

Your perception is the key. Do you have a friend who eats Lobster or chicken or any other thing that you hate but he/she thinks it’s tasty? We all have someone in the group like that and the thing is he/she perceive that to be tasty and you think it’s not. Likewise, some people hate rain or snow and some like it. They can give you n number of facts about why it’s good or bad but simply it is your mind that is wrapped around a particular belief. The good or bad is a matter of belief. Some think that they can never make money by building a business because it is too risky and you can lose it all while some make millions doing exactly that.

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The point here is that it’s not the question of being caught up in a scam or losing money it’s what you believe is preventing you to investigate in the first place. Not only that, there is a certain filter when it comes to business. You see that everyone has this filter. They read all the books or attend all the courses do Ph.D. and all other stuff but here is the thing. You leave out all the information which is contradicting your belief or perhaps you have an ego to do it your way only. There is nothing wrong with that but keeping an open mind is what gives access to creativity, new ideas, new strategies and that is where people get stuck because people think the rich are greedy, business is too risky, Money is the root of all evil. If you are thinking like that then I tell one thing for sure you will never become rich. And you don’t want that do you?

Secret No. 3:

Block all the negativities that surround you. You see by nature we have the tendency to have a negative outlook. It’s not our fault. It was because back in the Stone Age we need to be at our toes all the time as there were lots of predators out there which means we need to be alert all the time as it was a matter of life and death. In today’s world, there is no such threat to you but still, those instincts are there and that is why you are keen to hear the news. What news? News about something bad had happened to a person/animal etc, etc. If you look closely you will find that the newspaper always has 80% of bad news like accidents, political fights, violence, celebrity fights. All these things corrupt your mind and you crave more of these types of news as if it’s going to change anything.

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The simple truth is you only need news that helps you to take action and avoid danger or benefit from the situation that’s it. Let me take an analogy. You see if you plant seeds and take care of your farm you will get vegetables/fruits but if you leave the land as it is. The weeds are going to grow and that spoils your land. If you do nothing you will have a tendency to attract negative influence which is counter-productive like getting drunk, cursing people, etc. That is not the life you want do you?

First off stop reading negative comments about people or accidents in newspapers, social media. If it’s absolutely important then ask your parents about the relevant news. Secondly, read self-help books as that is a great way to build up your knowledge base as it helps you to actually take meaningful action and change your life for the better.

Secret No. 4:

You become what you say. It may look repetitive but repetition plays a fundamental role in success. It’s all the good habits that you make which keeps your life organized. This also means if you give up all hope and do nothing about the problem you are currently facing then you become what you say i.e. hopeless. On the other hand, if you keep on repeating that you are going to make it. “I’m successful” 100’s & 1000’s of times you will find a way to resolve your problem. It’s not like that you first become a millionaire then you can think like the rich. No, you think like the rich to become a millionaire and that is when you remove the limiting belief which is dragging you down.

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It’s when you unlock your potential and build your self-esteem. You are ready to change your life for the better future. What else to say when you have so much to say to yourself.

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Rahul Sonwanshi

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