If it is not there in your business then your business is dead.

Jay Abraham

Many of the people who are new in the business industry are super excited and just want to get started with a business opportunity and don’t think about the long term plan of the business. As a result, many businesses fail, causing loads of losses. In order to avoid this Jay Abraham came up with 3 profit activators which indicates whether a business a suitable for the long run.

The 3 profit activators are as follows: –

  1. Get More Customers
  2. Do repeat business with those same customers
  3. Sell high ticket products to increase your revenue.

Now, you might be wondering. Well, that is easy I think my business is doing great. But you need to ask yourself this question. “Are these 3 profit activators really there in my business?” If any of those are missing it will be difficult to scale your business in the long run.

Let’s have a look at some of the options that are available to you to make money.

  • The 9–5 Job:
    At some point in time you might have had thoughts of abandoning your business. Maybe because you faced huge losses or you were making little to no profits and you had this thought to quit everything and get a job. I know, my parents used to tell me this. I would recommend if possible that you do not quit your business. May be you can do both which would be a lot hectic but never give up on your dreams as in a job you have no future you most definitely can’t become rich with a job.
  • Real Estate Flipping:
    Real Estate flipping has its own set of challenges and getting any results in real estate may not be easy as it seems. First and foremost thing you require is a huge capital to buy a real estate. You can arrange that with loans and all but it will be a risk too high and if it fails you can easily drown in debts. One important aspect it is missing is repeat business as customers once buys a house may not even require to buy another in their lifetime. Many people have gotten rich with real estate and surely is a viable option. It is more of an investment strategy where you already have a lot of money and you want to multiply it. As for beginners you need to do your research properly or don’t think about doing real estate until you can afford to take losses.
  • Brick and Mortar Business:
    These businesses have one problem. They usually don’t have high ticket products. Lets take an example of an offline store like a grocery store or a retail store. Yes, they can get more customers and do repeat business with them, but those customers are there for low ticket products like toothpaste or soap and all which means you need thousands of customers to buy from you to make a profit out of it. Now you might be thinking Walmart is doing great. The thing is they were long before online stores like Amazon and they built a brand for themselves in those times. Now if you were to open a retail store to compete with Walmart you will run out of business in no time. You just can’t afford to give discounts like Walmart.
  • E-commerce, Shopify, Amazon:
    This is actually a good alternative to make money online. However, when you are just starting out you need the capital and patience to build your brand if you want to sell high ticket products. Most certainly you need a capital to get started and that’s not easy to pull off when you are just starting. Again, as I mentioned that selling high ticket products is a challenge and in most cases there might be no high ticket products. Which means in the long term you need to be selling hundreds of thousands products.
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM):
    I personally have been in this industry. Actually, I put a pause on it because I soon realized that the upline I had was himself confused which would mean it would be a super long journey. Rather than focusing on what I should do to increase my revenue and build my team they focused on me to purchase their products which frankly I had no use of. I know they work on duplication of purchases, but that is not the most important thing in the industry. Overall, I’m glad I was a part of it as I learned a lot of things which I would not have learned doing a 9–5 Job. Either way, most MLM companies only sell low ticket products and selling those over and over again can be a challenge.
  • Low Ticket Affiliate Marketing:
    Low ticket affiliate marketing is not a viable option as you will barely make any money doing that. You definitely need a high ticket product to have any significant stream of revenue. In my opinion find a better deal with high commissions which would be worth your while.

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I hope it made some sense and made it clear why you should have these profit activators in your business. I too had no idea about this and joined an MLM company at the start of my entrepreneurial journey. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that I found the right teachers providing me a great education on how to start a business. If you would like to learn how I got started with my business click on this link.

Rahul Sonwanshi

** This article is in no way endorsed by Jay Abraham. I have only mentioned some of his teachings in this article if you want to learn more about him please visit his website HERE.

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