Chat GPT. A Menace or our Saviour

Chat GPT or ‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer’. You must have heard about it. It is an Artificial Intelligence program that is actually very smart and it understands what you are trying to ask and “thinks” about it and comes up with an answer, a solution to your problem. Not only that it uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to interact with you as if a person was on the other end responding to you.

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That’s impressive, isn’t it? So no need for customer support people right… Well, that sounds scary not only that it can write code and in any programming language to say what? it can also write essays, poems do the math, and Do your homework some people wish it could do their laundry as well but alas that’s not what this AI is designed for really.

Chat GPT Chat Window

Just like when the google search engine was released everyone was scared that students could cheat on exams and people will get lazy and find stuff on the internet to complete their assignments or cheat even in interviews but it has had a rather positive impact on our lives. We learn something new from Google, we learn how to cook, code, learn to do taxes but not only that it is also has been a source of entertainment. Basically, the whole world has changed because of Google because of ease of access to information. Yes, that’s right after all Chat GPT is also similar it gives you solutions to your problems just like google but better.

Just like Google hasn’t really replaced jobs but rather transformed specific jobs into a different kind of job… We don’t need people to handle all the paperwork or let’s say collecting and distributing forms for that we have Google Forms. We don’t need a newspaper because it’s now online and shows on Google news Feed but guess what Google needs people (a.k.a. developers) to keep it running smoothly. So a new type of Job was created. Imagine if you lived in the 1960s did anyone have a huge demand for software developers of course not so.. times have changed.

With the advent of Chat GPT, we will have a new type of job that never existed. Did you know that these AI models (on which Chat GPT is built) need training and who provides them this training people do… So we will need more AI experts to make it even better.

So, in short, you really don’t need to worry about not having enough jobs but your job might change depending on what you do now. You should ask yourself 3 things.

  1. Can Your Job be automated and taken over by bots? like Customer service
  2. Can you leverage Chat GPT in your current job? and how easy does it make your job? is it too easy?
  3. What other new Jobs might come up as a result of Chat GPT?

Other than this you should think of chat GPT as a tool that will help you in your job, make your life easier, and makes you more productive so, in the end, your employer sees you as an asset and you won’t need to worry about losing your job.

Anyways you can actually use Chat GPT to make money and forget about the worries of losing your job. Rather have a business of your own and earn tons more. I will write an article about that too soon stay tuned for that.

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