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Rich does not mean that you have loads of cash lying around. It means the mindset to keep that money and multiply it. You might think that well, that superstars (actors) are rich, but that might not be the case. Most superstars once they lose their fame are forgotten and when that happens they tend to lose all their money. Some famous people include Johnny Depp (Actor of Pirates of the Caribbean), Nicolas Cage (millions in debt starred in National Treasure) and even Michael Jackson (was 100’s of millions in debt). They all had so much money, but in the end they became poor like any other people in debt. The thing is they had the spending habits of the poor, they earned millions and spent all their millions without planning that’s why those who struggle financially are unhappy because they spent all that money on the things they don’t want and then they have no money left for the things they need.

The rich people have a financial goal in their lives. Let’s say they want to retire at age 30 or they should be living in a mansion by age 35. They set up the milestone towards their goals like this small payout will be one step towards the success and they celebrate all their small victories and learn from their defeat. All these things are too hard to digest for a normal man probably you, as you are reading this to learn the secret. The secret is simple, but difficult to follow. Before learning the secret ask yourself what you think about money? Do you need money? Or is it okay to be living an average life? If the answer is “I want money so that I can buy the most expensive home in the world” or “I want to show off to my friends that I am rich” then you are thinking it all wrong because that desire is coming from your lower self who is desperate to get noticed in the world. But rich people don’t do things because they want to make others jealous they do things to serve humanity and solve problems like Bill Gates who invented the Microsoft which revolutionized the world, like Jeff Bezos, creator of Amazon who eliminated the problem of having to travel to different stores to buy different stuff. It is not that “The Rich are greedy” I’m afraid if you are thinking that then you can never be rich because you are finding an excuse to not be rich.

Secret No. 1:

The Rich have good habits. Now What I mean by that is that they strictly follow a routine so that they don’t miss any opportunity to earn money or relax. If you are doing a normal job, then you are probably not following a strict routine. Let’s say you want to lose weight, then you should go to the gym and exercise and maybe you do that for 5 days and after that you are back to your old habits of eating junk or perhaps getting drunk which is counter productive. One of the luxury you have is watching T.V. Series all day on your days off and you know what I had that problem too watching series all day and that’s called procrastination. It is the most difficult thing to eliminate. It probably can’t be eliminated, but you can reduce it to a minimum level. You should read self help books that is really helpful as the authors realize what you are going through and knows how to overcome the struggles he had which coincidentally is the same as yours.

Secret No. 2:

The Rich multiplies their money. Most middle class people have only one source of income and if you are one of them then you have the same problem. Most people don’t even have sufficient balance to earn interest from their banks, which has become not existent nowadays. Only a handful of working people (in a job) trade in the stock market or real estate. Now what will happen then, you will crave for every penny earned through your job. You will do anything to maximize your income in job right? Like getting promotions or managing teams or even cater to every need of your Boss. Now it may sound harsh, but people become desperate when they lose their jobs or don’t get promotions. It’s the lack of resourcefulness that causes people to fear their bosses. Let me tell one secret entrepreneurs work for free. That’s right, but they do. It’s not like it’s raining money the moment they decide to become an entrepreneur. It’s the byproduct of time and dedication they put in, which makes them rich over time.

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How do they multiply their money? It’s simple they choose one of the investment vehicle to multiply their money like trading stocks or real estate. They might even invest in a movie. How cool is that? It’s not like you cannot invest in stocks. It’s the fear of losing money that keeps you away from any investment. The Rich keep their expenses low until they can afford the luxuries and that’s why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor.

Secret No. 3:

The Rich are grateful for what they have. People sometimes are jealous. “Oh, that guy is filthy rich, He has Rolex, a Mercedes and I have a Honda and that’s not fair”. This is not about complaining as that is hardly going to change anything is it? If you feel that way, then find out how can you get that? How can you be rich? Rather than cursing people for having Blings. Rich people show their gratitude by helping others (mind you if you had millions, but a poor mindset then you won’t be rich as that money will stay for a few months at most) now it doesn’t always mean they donate money to charity or donating to homeless because you know lottery winners generally don’t keep their winnings for more than 3 years. They lose it all. Rather, they create new jobs, provide homes to people that can’t afford by means of real estate. Just grateful for what you have. Be grateful that you have your parents. Be grateful you have a place to live. Be grateful that you get food every day. Most people don’t even have what you have so take a moment and think about it.

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Secret No. 4:

The Rich have patience. People in general lose all their hope when things are not working their way. Sometimes they give up on their because they think it’s very difficult and only top 1% become rich. The fact is true only because people thinking like that exist. You see, if everybody starts giving up on everything, then they will have no jobs and do nothing about it. Sadly, some people like that exist. If you don’t have a Teacher to teach you in college or in school would you have passed your exams. Less likely, right? Similarly, you need a coach, a mentor to guide on how to get started as a businessman. The mentors you have chosen should be someone who already achieved what you desire to achieve and that’s where you know for a fact that if he/she is teaching you then, they are telling you things based on their life experiences and I can guarantee you that If you follow their (mentor’s) teaching just like in your school exam you will make it Big one day.

Secret No. 5:

The Rich analyzes the opportunity. Many times people think that this is a scam and this is a Ponzi scheme without even analyzing the potential profits they can earn from that business. It’s the fear of losing money that keeps people poor. I lost money in the past. It doesn’t mean I would be scared to make investment rather I learnt what not to do so that never happens again. If you truly desire to be rich you need to invest in yourself, in your business. If not, then I’m sorry to say that you can never be successful. There are some pros and cons to some business models, but don’t always think it’s a scam. There are scam, but if you do your homework, you will automatically avoid them. Read which schemes are a scam on news or do your research and find which legally loot you of money like some insurance scheme which promise to pay you 1.5x after 20 years and that 1.5x money is not even worth 0.5x of your money invested 20 years later, as money gets depreciated over time. Now that’s what I call making money of people’s fear.

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